Two UX companies partner up to provide seamless remote user research

Free webinar: RapidUsertests' CEO Benjamin Uebel and our CEO Reto Laemmler talk about the partnership, tool integration and the possibilities that arise thanks to this collaboration.

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In this webinar we take a closer look at the partnership and the integration of TestingTime’s service into RapidUsertests’ platform (and the other way around). RapidUsertests.com is the market leading tool for user experience and usability optimisation in the field of crowd testing in Germany. Behind RapidUsertests is Userlutions, an UX agency which supports you in testing and optimisation of your digital products. Desktop, mobile websites, apps and prototypes can be tested with RapidUsertests. With their screen recording feature, the users screen and voice are recorded while they operate the website or app from home. The results are videos with real, honest user feedback.

Join the two entrepreneurs Benjamin and Reto in the virtual discussion and learn more about the partnership. Some of the topics which will be discussed are:

  • The reasons for this partnership
  • The integration between RapidUsertests and TestingTime
  • The benefits this partnership brings to researchers

The 45 minutes of discussion are followed by a 10-minute Q&A session.

Hosted by:
Benjamin Uebel
CEO at RapidUsertests
Reto Laemmler
Reto Laemmler
Co-Founder & CEO at TestingTime

This talk is brought to you by:

TestingTime supports UX and market researchers from well-known companies such as UBS, giffgaff, Asos, Zalando, and AXA by making test user recruiting easy, fast, and hassle-free. Thanks to our pool of nearly 1 million test users, we're able to deliver any profile within 48 hours. By making the task of conducting research become lighter and thus more regular, we hope to someday achieve our corporate vision: a world full of happy users.