From guerilla to user centricity

Free webinar: Christopher Parola, VP Product at Meilleurs Agents shares his journey in how talking regularly with their users changed the product and the organisation.

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In this webinar we take a closer look at UX research practices at Meilleurs Agents, what the biggest challenges are, what has changed since COVID-19 and how Meilleurs Agents recruits test users for their research studies.

What else we'll cover in this webinar:

  • The limits of recording tools like Hotjar / FullStory
  • What guerilla research can or can’t do for you
  • How to convince stakeholders to invest in user research
  • The steps in how to build user centricity (testing rituals)
  • The business impact on the organisation and on the product (quality, ROI)

The 45 minutes of discussion are followed by a 15-minute Q&A session.

Hosted by:
Christopher Parola
Christopher Parola
CPO at Meilleurs Agents
Alexis Gerome
Alexis Gerome
Former City Launcher at TestingTime AG

This talk is brought to you by:

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