UX Talk about Remote User Research

Free Webinar: Denise Rieser, User Researcher at Scout24 Schweiz AG, talks about how they successfully apply remote research methodologies.


Remote user research is a location-independent and fast way to test a website, a product or even a service. The big advantage is that the test person is in their familiar environment and the stress factor as well as the risk of any infection is therefore inexistent. While maintaining a healthy distance, remote user research provides deeper insights into a test user's life.

Denise Rieser, User Researcher at Scout24 Schweiz AG, and our CEO Reto Laemmler talk about the great variety of methods and tools to conduct remote user research.

Hosted by:
Denise Rieser
Denise Rieser
User Researcher at Scout24 Schweiz AG
Reto Laemmler
Reto Laemmler
Co-Founder and CEO at TestingTime AG

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