Creating impact with a UX Research Team of One

Free webinar: Lydia Penkert, former UX Researcher at real.digital, now Kaufland E-Commerce, shares her journey in how she transitioned from a UX Designer to a UX Researcher and brought the organisation forward.

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In this webinar, we take a closer look at the UX research practices at Kaufland E-Commerce. They operate one of the largest German multichannel portals with offices in Cologne and Darmstadt while promoting remote-first. Kaufland has a comprehensive product range with 16 million products from over 5,000 different categories. They have up to 21 million page views per month and more than 5,000 retailers.

Join the two UX experts Lydia Penkert and Alexis Gerome in the virtual discussion on the following topics:

  • Transitioning from UX Designer to UX Researcher
  • Finding the right toolkit for an in-house UXLab
  • Conducting lean UX research
  • Switching to remote testing in times of Corona

The 45 minutes of discussion are followed by a 15-minute Q&A session.

Hosted by:
Lydia Penkert (real.digital)
Lydia Penkert
UX Researcher at real.digital
Alexis Gerome
Alexis Gerome
Former City Launcher at TestingTime AG

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