How to write screener questions like a pro

The screening of study participants is crucial for the quality of your study results. We know from personal experience that this is not an easy task. But at TestingTime, we live and breathe screeners. Watch the recording of our webinar and learn how to write good screener questions to identify the ideal people for your study.

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In this webinar we take a closer look at best practices for good screener questions. 

Join the two screener questions pros Céline and Ivana in the virtual presentation and learn more about writing good screener questions.

Take advantage and benefit from our expertise!

Some of the topics which are being discussed are:

  • Setup of a screener survey like the topic, profile criteria and screener structure
  • Question types like single-select vs. multi-select questions and other formats
  • Question guidelines for neutrality, style, simplicity and specificity
  • Answer guidelines for style, consistent and comprehensive lists of answers, logical structure and order

The 30 minutes of discussion and presentation are followed by a Q&A session.

Hosted by:
Céline Kaiser
Céline Kaiser
Customer Operations Specialist at TestingTime
Ivana Stoyanovska Gjorgjiev
Ivana Stoyanovska Gjorgjiev
Product Manager at TestingTime

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