UX Toolbox: Measurement of user experience

The free toolbox reliably supports UX researchers with user experience evaluations. It allows a valid, reliable and objective measurement of user perception. The three relevant KPIs—Single Ease Question (SEQ), Net Promoter Score (NPS) and System Usability Scale (SUS)—help you to better assess risks and derive improvements based on them.

UX Toolbox by Survalyzer EN new

The UX Toolbox creates added value with little effort. The ready-made templates for the relevant KPIs – Single Ease Question (SEQ), Net Promoter Score (NPS) and System Usability Scale (SUS)—allow you to measure user perception easily and successfully.

What to expect from the UX Toolbox:

  • More credibility: Thanks to the professional collection of clear key figures, the credibility and importance of your work increases.
  • Improved communication: KPIs help you to communicate in a clearer and more transparent way. Internal and external stakeholders can better classify and assess the results using the obtained KPIs.
  • Higher chances of success: The measurement of KPIs helps you to position UX topics and strategic goals more successfully, increasing the probability of project success.

How the UX Toolbox works:

  1. Select the template: Choose the template that best suits your purpose.

  2. Configure the template: If desired, you can add your own introduction or greeting text to the template and complete it with additional questions.

  3. Carry out the survey: After configuring it, you can post the survey. You will then receive a questionnaire link that you can insert into the TestingTime online order form.

  4. Evaluate the data: At the end you will receive a meaningful report tailored to the survey.